Try to print on shoes

The Brother GT-3 series and the brand new Brother GTX has been built to be flexible. Easily change the different printer platens and print not only on t-shirts but also on a wide variety of other items, like shoes, without any hassles. With our industrial garment printer GTX and GT-3 series, you can easily expand your business by adding shoes to your current product range.

Easy printing with Brother GT-series on canvas or textile shoes: All you need is a GTX or GT3-series printer, the shoe platen, a drying system and some tape. Fix the shoes onto the shoe platen with double sided tape and cover the areas of the shoes that you do not want to print with some masking tape. Load your print file (which you created from your template) and simply press the green start button to print logos, colourful photos or unique personalized designs on your shoes.

© Picture: Studio98