How to get the best print result? 8 basic steps for a good print with Brother Printers!

You like to get the best print quality out of your Design? With little 8 steps we will show you how to optimise your Design for the best result with our Brother Direct to Garment Printers. See the list below.

  1. Color mode has to be RGB (cause of the internal printer driver ICC profile).
  2. White 255 will NOT be printed. Please convert white areas which should be printed
    to 254. (Manually or with the Brother action 255 to 254)
  3. If you print on a pure black shirt, we recommend to work on a pure black background
  4. For colored shirts please use Graphics Lab to prevent wrong results in the gradations and / or shadows
  5. If you use Graphics Lab please ensure, that you use. PNG files only
  6. What you see (on screen) is not what you get (on shirt)! For correct colormatching please print the GT_ColorChart.pdf file
  7. Images should have at least 300DPI (by original printsize) for a satisfying result
  8. The Brother Group supports Adobe Software only

| Graphics Lab for GTX and GT-3