Summer is now: Importance of the printing environment in DTG

You have the best DTG printing machine, spent a lot of money for the full production process and you are ready to print. Please do not forget the good environment conditions for your production!

The printing environment for Digital printing machine is of big importance to secure that the print heads are not giving any headache in case of print quality. Many DTG machines need the humidity of 35 to 45% and a reasonable temperature range.

What will happen, if you cannot meet these requirements?

The print heads might overheat or the inks are changing their consistency, which leads to damages of the print heads (clogging of the nozzles, electric outfall) or other ….

Some brand machines will give a warning message on the display if the temperature is too low or too high. In some cases, they even stop running or slow down the printing speed to secure that the machine is not getting any damage. On the other side some brands do not have this built-in measurement of humidity and temperature, which could lead to unknown damages of the print head or other moving parts.

One of the consequence from this is that for example some ink colours change their consistency and this will effect on the print quality.

The easiest way to avoid the problem like this with the equipment is to meet the recommended environmental conditions, which differ from brand to brand.

What tools can help you?

In case of the humidity we suggest having a humidifier. You can have a humidifier for the whole production room (consider the room volume for the right humidifier) or a humidifier near the machine. A good humidifier near the machine costs around 150, – Euro (e.g. Vornado Evap3 1.5-Gal.). Some brands have even a built-in humidifier.

Regarding the temperature control we recommend using an air conditioning machine. In addition, please check the position of the dryer or heat press. Both increase the temperature of the production room, especially in summer time! Some ventilation system will help to take out the hot air from the dryers to outside the building.

In some cases the printing machine will have a self-control system, which checks the condition and helps the operator to understand the environmental condition right in time. The machine might increase the cleaning frequency to secure that the nozzles are not getting clogged, when the condition is out of the recommended range. This may increase your maintenance costs, but saves the print head and the printing output (Quality), as well as the machine downtime.

What is the benefit by following those recommended conditions?

These small investments will help you to stabilize the printing quality, save repair costs and less sleepless nights.

One more comment on the environmental side. The environment situation also depends on what printing technology or other jobs you are running in the same room along with DTG printing. I am talking about the impact of other printing equipment like for example screen printing. The dust and fibres in the air will build up a fluffy cover everywhere in the production room and may disturb the moving parts of the DTG machine. Or another case could be the chemicals you may use, which might have an impact to the print heads, if they are aggressive enough.

Hope these comments will help you to run a successful and profitable business.

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