Print Envision System – makes life and printing easier!

The envision system by Brain Industries is a combination of hardware and software tools to visualise print position and size before you hint the green button of the GTX and GT-3.

Did you ever…

  • “… face a situation when it was needed to position the product to a Brother platen very fast and precise?”
  • “… need to split your composition into more prints (print 1st – dry – print 2nd)?”
  • “… wish to see the graphic before the print, directly projected on the product while you set it up?”
  • “… need to print exactly on pocket or avoid printing over certain area?”

With this fabulous solution you can directly print on special positions and see in detail what you are doing. There are no more mispositioned prints, less test prints and because of that fact, of course, no more wasted products! With this you can save time and money in a very easy way.

All you have to do is to mount the projector system directly to your GTX printer, install the software and calibrate the system just one time. After that you can directly start to work!